Running Animations from Blender

The [blender-urx-addon]( makes it possible to control the robot from Blender. It works by turning animations of a special scene that has a rigged model of the robot into UR Script programs and then executing the resulting programs on the arm's controller.

Send Robot to Current Pose

There is a key shortcut to move the robot immediately to the current pose (the current state, not the beginning of your animation). The shortcut is **alt+tab**.

Winning Fights with the IK Solver

It's sometimes the case that the IK solver in Blender fails to do what you expected. It might not reach the target or it might try to reach through the table to get to it. In those sorts of situations it is helpful to know how to tell the IK solver what you want.

The IK solver operates on the armature object for the robot. To tell the solver how the joints of the robot limit the movement of the arm segments there are rotation constraints in the bone properties of each bone:

Sometimes checking the limit checkbox for the free axis and playing with the bounds is enough to get the solver to do what you want.